Action program – The Drevviken Party


Dividing of the Huddinge municipality
On initiative of Allan Albiin the Drevviken (dp) party was founded 14th of January 1998. The party is registered at the National Tax Board under the designation “Drevvikenpartiet” (the Drevviken party).

The party was established due to the Huddinge municipality leadership’s opposition to dividing the municipality, This opposition was in spite of the county administrative board’s report U1995:28, advising that dividing the municipality would be almost neutral in costs. Furthermore an opinion poll showed that 57 percent of the citizens of Trångsund and Skogås were for a dividing. One would not agree to any popular vote either.

In the municipal election 1998, the Drevvikenparty participated in and achieved three mandates in the local council the party is now also a part of the leadership of the municipality. The party has been assigned the chairmanship of the municipality section commission for Trångsund-Skogås. Additionally, the party has obtained a number of other positions of trust.

Advisory popular vote
At the admission of the municipal executive board the party inter alia set the demand that a popular vote should be held as soon as possible regarding the division of the municipality. Only the citizens of the eastern part of the urban district would participate.

However, the other parties could not agree to this. To compromise, the entire municipality could join the popular vote, however, as the political platform states, which the majority in Huddinge have complicated “If a majority of a minimum 60 percent in Trångsund/Skogås agree to a division, counted of given yes- and no votes, we suggest that the councilor send the matter to the Judicial Board for Public Lands and Funds/Government with recommendation for examination”.

The popular vote was held in June 1999 in connection with the EU-election. If the suggestion meets with sympathy with the proper authority the dividing of the municipality shall be executed as soon as possible.

Common aim
It is very important for us that our program and our work correspond to the expectations and needs that the inhabitants of Trångsund and Skogås have.

Physical conditions/Environment
The physical conditions to reach our goals are extremely well for us. We are situated relatively close to the central parts of Stockholm and we have good communications to them. The asset of land for dwellings, schools and new locals of industry is good. Nearness to the lakes Drevviken, Magelungen and Orlången creates extremely good possibilities for a rich leisure and sports activity.

To not lose the access when it comes to land and lake, we must make our inhabitants more aware of the environment.

Furthermore, also our center erections need to improve.

Child care
A good environment for children is a good start in life. Besides a good standard of childcare, the party will work for good adjustment of capacity, so one that wants a place at the care center, will have one when it is needed. Long waiting time is devastating.

We want to encourage different forms of child care and work for a local child care allowance.

The school
An improved co-operaiton between the school and parents must be encouraged. To ensure optimum co-operaiton and results, support must encompass school personnel, students and the parents.

It is unacceptable that many students finish school without satisfactorily completing English, Swedish and Mathematics. This problem must be addressed in an early stage.

An important facet of school is to learn about our culture and the cultures of others.

To minimize the bullying at school, we believe that the ones that shall be noticed in the first place, are the ones that are working against the bullying. It should be the pupils that stand against it whom should be seen, not the ones that are acting insulting to their friends. Both staff, parents and pupils need to learn conflict handling.

Culture and spare time
In our stressed everyday life we want to support the opportunities to stimulating and relaxing spare time. Culture and tradition gives us an identity and a feeling for our cultural heritage. We want to:

* Encourage the spirit of popular movement
* Build a culture center for different cultures
* Support understanding between our different cultures

It is important to make Stortorpsparken (The Stortorps park) more living and above all attractive for all ages.

Club activities shall be stimulated by different measures. A good society atmosphere could be created by a close co-operaiton between responsibilities of the municipality, clubs and enterprising inhabitants.

The current activity that is prosecuted among youth shall be further improved. Young and old shall support each other.

Housing policy
New dwellings should include apartment blocks as well as terrace houses and detached houses. All of the openings will be existed. We will be working to ensure a social safe and stable dwelling environment.

Handicap questions
We can make the handicap bigger or smaller for the persons with difficulties. As to adapt the local activities, building, town-planning etceteras to the handicapped, we will make them less handicapped.
Recognizing the fact there are both visible and invisible handicaps, the latter being easy to forget, collaboration with individual citizens and specialized organizations involved in these matters, the goal is to provide extra help or assistance as needed.

Care questions/Geriatric care
The local government’s responsibilities were increased after the entire system of geriatric care, psychiatry and LSS (support and service to incapable of functioning) was introduced. For example, the home-care service must have additional nurses to meet the demand.

Increase in various forms of housing – such as group housing, homes for elderly and block of service apartments for the elderly or disabled are a must. No one residing in our municipality who is unable to take care for their home, regardless of availability of help, shall be forced to vacate the region due to lacking of suitable lifestyle. It would be advisable to offer reliefs help for the person who is taking care of a relative the home.

Individual- and family care (Ifo)
Encourage and support personnel to alternative solutions on the home ground, both for the individual’s best and to reduce the expenses in connection with placing of children, youth and adults who fares badly. This is also valid when it comes to the work with adults who are on their way to provide for themselves. The individual must always be in the center. It is important here that Ifo enlarge the collaboration with other activities, such as childcare and the employment office.

One part of the work is to reduce the gap between the generations. One must have back the respect towards other inhabitants in the cases that it is missed. Also we must feel responsibility for our fellow-creatures.

Trade and industry
Attracting new companies is possible by offering, among other things, suitable land areas for industrial work.

We are working towards establishing a multi-dimensional economy.

Those wishing to start a new business must know the municipality is behind them.

A first step, which can be accomplished quickly, is to have software computer companies establish themselves within this part of the municipality. The next step is to have some of the advanced technological companies established themselves in our area.

The issue about democracy has come in focus lately, which we think is very good. As a local party those questions are some we are especially engaged in. We consider a participatory democracy to be the foundation to an otherwise well functioned democracy in the society. That is one of the reasons why we want to divide Huddinge municipality.

The gap between leading politicians and clerks and inhabitants need to reduce. All inhabitants must be able to for example visit the town hall, participate in activities and the service that the municipality has. That is not the reality at the moment, but a big part of the population are put beside, especially them from east of Huddinge.

We think that one have to simplify the organization of the municipality. As an inhabitant one should be able to get information about different issues much faster and one should directly be passed on the right person with the question one has.

A problem for the democracy is that the organization is too ineffective and anonymous as it has to comprise too many people and is too big in size, which is another reason for dividing.